Quite simply - one man, one bike who often asks/is asked "where to .......?". And so the ideas started:

The Beginning

After reading a couple of 'tour' books I followed the local routes and found it quite rewarding being able to tick them off - not just another aimless ride-out just for the hell of it! Whilst these books show great rides, most of them become unfeasible if you have to cross the country first to do the ride. So with those local routes in the books done, things are back to normal, the usual out and abouts, coffees here and there with mates but not really with any great plans or going anywhere new.

The Idea

But at a bike night back in May 2019 we got talking about rides we'd done and perhaps recording videos to share online. But the idea of watching full-length videos seemed boring, so I thought why not perhaps summarise with photos or even an edited video and perhaps see if it can be done in such a way that others may be able to share their own routes. There must be countless well-ridden local routes all over with some you don't even know about - in the next town or village there is quite possibly a whole new set of roads and known routes waiting to be ridden.....

The Plan Starts to Develop

So I am thinking if these new routes/trips could some how be documented, along with the local knowledge of all the good places to stop, then there could be a number of great rides ahead. Imagine being able to have a nationwide list of 'local' routes/trips - always somewhere new to ride - with an idea of what expect along the way...think of all that ticking-off :)

I know that this will take time and will be heavily reliant on user input and interaction to succeed. I am hoping that the biking community will get onboard and realise it could become a great reference.

So Here We Are

As I write The Two Wheel Tours website is hoped to be up and running in July 2019 to try and achieve what I have envisaged - hopefully simple enough to use but most of all attractive enough for it to become the resource it could be. Trying to do this, starting with no data other than my own ideas is hard - what to include, how to present it, is too big a challenge or pointless task? Who knows if it'll work? That bike night back in May, drinking all that coffee and a fruit juice or two, has led to all this. Was this "just another one of my good ideas"? Time will tell .....!

Launch Day

The early hours of 1st July 2019 and I've just finished the live preparation for launch in a few hours! So at about 8am the site will be 'live' ....... :)

September 2019

I remain optimistic - keep telling myself it's still a good idea. I continue to speak to people and hand out flyers etc. Time will tell .....!

October 2019

The project is being renamed and moving to somewheretoride.co.uk, feeling it may have been wrongly interpreted as a 'touring' site (and understandably so) I am making considerable changes to incorporate new ideas to hopefully engage with a broader audience!

May 2020

With the unprecedented issue of COVID-19 it has been unfortunate that we have not been able to make the most in this recent good weather. Remain positive and trust that things will change soon, so that we can all get out once again and enjoy ......

June 2020

I have made several changes to the site recently - and getting ready for good times ahead. Remaining positive and looking forward to new user/rider input.

End October 2020

Has been a strange year and continues so. Site revamp and refurb - concentrating on bike-friendly cafes (at least for the moment). Stay positive and look to forward to better times.

August 2021

Seems no matter what I've tried the site has not gained interset - time to pull on the covers.

November 2021

Trying again!