When I started with the idea back in 2019, I just wanted to set up a site that was open to bikers to share their rides, routes and destinations: build a site that was always current and up to date, full of cafes, regular haunts and places to go. I wanted it to be a free to use site - and with it being an interactive - hoped it would always be fresh and provide some great places to ride. So it is free to recommend somewhere and free to browse the chat in the forum - although you will need to 'join' to actively take part in any discussion or make new posts: but again this is free to register.

What more can I say? Don't they say biking is all about feeling free? The freedom of motorcycling!

That said, I have spent countless hours on this project in the hope it will eventually become the resource I think it should be. So - in time perhaps - a coffee or two may be appreciated ...!


Somewhere To Ride is open to everyone and is not another social-media site - it is an independent & interactive information site for all ...