Fed Up

27 Mar 2021

Fed Up of being Fed Up

....and not with food (too much of that lately) but racked off at not really being able to go out and enjoy a decent ride - comfortably that is. You know, the kind where you can just pull your helmet on and go out for a bit - somewhere, nowhere - without judgement. It really is still quite odd at the moment and – politics aside – the world really is a different place at the moment. Guess nobody really thought we’d be still like this a year later. But hey, we have to look ahead to more good times – normal times. And with things looking likely to start to opening up again slowly maybe we can all get some miles in, grab a coffee and get to a bike night or two this year……but where?

OK, I hoped that this ‘Somewhere To Ride’ idea may have had more interest and develop more than it has and provided more suggestions of places to go. I keep thinking it’s still a good idea and blame bad-timing and the last year/current situation but then wonder if it perhaps really holds no interest to other bikers and whether I should wrap it all up.....

But I don’t want to give up – yet. Perhaps my aversion to Facebook and other social medias doesn’t help – but it’s just not my thing. (Whilst they may serve many some good - each to their own - I can do without all the crap that goes with those things!). I’ve said before I didn’t want just another social media site – but a site for bikers, built with the help of other like-minded: bikers who ride and can recommend the places they go.

Now, more than ever, this site should be filling up with a load of recommendations of cafes and places to go. New places, old places, bike spots that are open or looking to open. At the moment I can see the same old, locally known destinations ahead – I want more, I want new places to go, I want to ride beyond my own local spots. Surely I’m not on my own here?

Enough said. Rant over.

Oh and I have had the chance to do a bit of reading and watching a few DVDs – if you’re in to bikes then you might like this!

We may still be under some kind of lockdown again and riding maybe limited once again- but let's remain positive and look forward to better times ahead. Unfortunately many people and businesses are struggling and those biker-friendly places will need your support. So please help and recommend them and help them to stay open / re-open.