November 2021 Update

21 Nov 2021

bikes welcome hereWell a few months have passed, a quiet summer over and done but a new bike has given me reason to look at this site again. I thought about a clean slate and starting again but decided a rework and good clean-up was a better idea - keeping a little history of the site.

The essence of the site remains - your input is needed and without that there will be nothing. You know the best spots to ride, eat, and hangouts etc. in your area - so recommend them here. The purpose is to build a community that can share their views, recommendations and comment to help others - for those that enjoy motorcycling and to build a great resource for both new and older bikers. Read more ...

A few changes/updates may be inevitable in the coming weeks as the site is being brought up to date so please make sure you come back often:)

21 August 2021

Seems it's a case of riding to the same old places and hoping to stumble upon somwehere new.

The old question "where to now then?" will give the same old answers and the same old places.........shame.

With such little interest, perhaps the time has come to put this site under covers and become a project for future restoration? .......

10 August 2021

use it or lose itSurprised & Disappointed. Well, what more can I say? What did I expect? Was I so wrong to think that this would have caught the interest of some like-minded souls?

I have spoken with plenty of bikers who seemed genuinely interested in this site/project and I really hoped that the initial interest and interaction would have caused a bit of a domino effect. This was always intended to be a site for riders/bikers to get involved and spread the word about their regular haunts - an ever growing catalogue of new places to ride. But no, in nearly 2 years, just a handful of responses.....

THE END? I hope not. I have invested so much time on this 'project' in the hope that it would work. But at times it feels like I'm trying to kickstart a bike with no fuel...

All are welcome here. No closed groups, no costs - no nonsense (hopefully). It is not another social-media site - find out more here.